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Course Overview

  • Learn how to install PHP and MySQL tools and framework, configure settings to match your project needs.
  • Learn and practice interaction between user-interface and a database.
  • Learn and plan how to apply PHP and MySQL in your projects, and become equipped for the Industry.
    • Programming Techniques
    • Introduction to PHP
    • Fundamentals of PHP
    • HTML form handling
    • Arrays
    • String, Date and Math functions
    • Servr-Client Flow
    • Object-oriented Programming in PHP
    • SQL queries for MySQL
    • MySQL with PHP
    • AJAX
    • XML
    • Introduction to PHP7
    • Introduction to Codeigniter (MVC)
    • Introduction to WordPress
    • Introduction to Joomla

    COMPANY NAME:- Maveric  Labs Pvt Ltd Pune, Maharashtra
    KEY SKILL:- REST web services, Multi-Threading and Background Tasks, SQLite.  Eclipse, Android Studio IDEs ,  Android SDK & its components
    EXPERIENCE:-1 to 2 yrs