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Course Overview

  • Gain a real understanding of how concepts for iOS applications translate into user-tested, feature-rich prototypes.
    • Objective C
    • Memory Management
    • iPhone SDK
    • Views and Views Controller
    • Advanced Views and Controller
    • Interface Builder
    • Data Storage
    • XML and Web Services
    • Touches and Gestures
    • Multimedia
    • Maps
    • Working with Storyboard
    • Handling Different Screen Sizes
    • Multithreading
    • Notifications
    • Using Camera
    • Accessing Device Sensors
    • Mails and SMS
    • Transitioning to the iPad
    • Deployment

    COMPANY NAME:- Maveric  Labs Pvt Ltd Pune, Maharashtra
    KEY SKILL:- REST web services, Multi-Threading and Background Tasks, SQLite.  Eclipse, Android Studio IDEs ,  Android SDK & its components
    EXPERIENCE:-1 to 2 yrs