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Course Overview

  • Understand the flexibility of Java, as a programmer.
  • With the strong command of concepts, build an entire software using core java.
  • Gain expertise in JDBC, Java 8, and so much more. And be the master of the code using core java!
    • Object-oriented Concepts
    • Introduction to Java
    • Classes & Objects
    • String Handling
    • Inheritance & Polymorphism
    • Packages
    • Java API Library
    • Exception Handling
    • Collection Framework & Generics
    • Annotations
    • GUI with Java Swing controls
    • Event Delegation Model
    • Swing MVC
    • JDBC
    • Multithreading
    • Applets
    • Input-Output (File I/O)

    COMPANY NAME:- Maveric  Labs Pvt Ltd Pune, Maharashtra
    KEY SKILL:- REST web services, Multi-Threading and Background Tasks, SQLite.  Eclipse, Android Studio IDEs ,  Android SDK & its components
    EXPERIENCE:-1 to 2 yrs