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Course Overview

  • Learn to work with the framework for creating dynamic web applications.
  • Master Angular JS expressions, filters, and scopes, forms and much more.
  • Elegantly build Angular JS applications and test them throughout.
    • Introduction to HTML5, BootStrap and jQuery
    • Introduction to AngularJS
    • AngularJS Modules, Directives & Scope object
    • AngularJS Events & Animation effects
    • Data Binding & Expressions, Filters
    • Angular Forms
    • AngularJS Service and Factories, Dependency Injection
    • Templates & Routing
    • Testing
    • Integration with Other technologies -.NET and Java
    • Web Development with real time example

    COMPANY NAME:- Maveric  Labs Pvt Ltd Pune, Maharashtra
    KEY SKILL:- REST web services, Multi-Threading and Background Tasks, SQLite.  Eclipse, Android Studio IDEs ,  Android SDK & its components
    EXPERIENCE:-1 to 2 yrs