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Python Programming Language Concepts

Tools Usage: REPL Online, Anaconda (Jupyter Notebook / Spyder), PyCharm

Module 1:

Introduction to Python, What is Python and history of Python?, Unique features of Python, Python-2 and Python-3 differences, Install Python and Environment Setup, First Python Program, Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation, Comments and document interlude in Python, Command line arguments, Getting User Input, Python Data Types, What are variables?, Python Core objects and Functions, Number and Maths.

Module 2:

List, Ranges & Tuples in Python, Introduction, Lists in Python, More About Lists, Understanding Iterators, Generators , Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions, Introduction, Generators and Yield, Next and Ranges, Understanding and using Ranges, More About Ranges, Ordered Sets with tuples

Module 3:

Python Dictionaries and Sets, Introduction to the section, Dictionaries, More on Dictionaries, thon Sets, Python Sets Examples text files, writing

Module 4:

Input and Output in Python, Reading and writing Challenge, Writing Binary Files Manually, Text Files, Appending to Files and Using Pickle to Write Binary Files

Module 5:

Python built in function, Python user defined functions, Python packages functions, Defining and calling Function, The anonymous Functions Loops and statement in Python, Python Modules & Packages

Module 6:

Python Object Oriented, Overview of OOP, Creating Classes and Objects, Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes, Destroying Objects

Module 7:

Python Exceptions Handling, What is Exception?, Handling an exception, try....except...else, try-finally clause, Argument of an Exception, Python Standard Exceptions, Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions

Module 8:

Python Regular Expressions, What are regular expressions?, The match Function, The search Function, Matching vs searching, Search and Replace, Extended Regular Expressions, Wildcard

Module 9:

Python Multithreaded Programming, What is multithreading?, Starting a New Thread, The Threading Module, Synchronizing Threads, Multithreaded Priority Queue, Python Spreadsheet Interfaces, Python XML interfaces

Module 10:

Using Databases in Python, Python MySQL Database Access, Install the MySQLdb and other Packages, Create Database Connection, CREATE, INSERT, READ, UPDATE and DELETE Operation, DML and DDL Opration with Databases, Performing Transactions, Handling Database Errors, Web Scraping in Python

Module 11:

Introduction to numpy, Creating arrays, Using arrays and Scalars, Indexing Arrays, Array Transposition, Universal Array Function, Array Processing, Array Input and Output Pandas : What is pandas?, Where it is used?, Series in pandas, Index objects Reindex, Drop Entry, Selecting Entries, Data Alignment, Rank and Sort, Summary Statics, Missing Data, index Hierarchy, Matplotlib: Python For Data Visualization

Module 12:

Scraping a web page using BeautifulSoup, Calls to the server (GET, POST methods), Review of HTML and CSS, Parsing HTML using BeautifulSoup, Filtering elements using BeautifulSoup

Module 13:

Creating Web APIs with a flask web framework

Module 14:

Applying OCR with Tesseract and Python

Module 15:

Introduction to Computer Vision, Reading, Writing and Displaying Images Changing Color Spaces, Resizing Images, Image Rotation, Image Translation Simple Image Thresholding, Edge Detection, Image Filtering, Image Contours, Feature Matching, Face Detection