Why Pace 2.O for Machine Learning Using Python

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Introduction to Data Science

  • Introduction to Big Data, State of the practice in analytics
  • Current Analytical Architecture
  • Drivers of Big Data, Emerging Big Data Ecosystem
  • Big Data Analytics Project Life Cycle:
  • Overview
    Phase 1- Discovery,
    Phase 2- Data preparation,
    Phase 3-Model Planning,
    Phase 4- Model Building,
    Phase 5- Communicate Results,
    Phase 6- Operationalize.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Providing electronic payroll records to employees and employers
  • Ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws governing payroll.

3. Benefits

  • Complex rules and calculationsr
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  • Better reporting
  • We provide a wide array of reports that address the most common reporting requirements. Such comprehensive reports may not be possible with your in-house payroll software or may take a long time for your IT staff to figure out or develop, which we can deliver specific & ad-hoc reports for your custom analysis.

  • Direct access to experts
  • We are staffed with payroll experts who can answer your employee's queries on the phone, and act as a single point of contact for your employees. We also conduct standard or specialized training sessions for your staff whenever there are changes to the CPF rules, taxation and your employee benefit programs followed by organizing visit to your office to conduct in-house training sessions or have a hands-on consulting session with the management & staff.

  • Cost savings
  • Outsourcing the monthly payroll processing often saves you a full headcount. This resource can then help you in sales, customer services, or you can simply enjoy cost savings. In fact, cost saving is a byproduct of payroll outsourcing.

  • Professional payroll processing services
  • We provide basic to complex payroll administration for businesses and maintain individual payroll files for each employee and compute all the salary and reimbursements on time. Printed or electronic pay advices via the internet are delivered to each employee, and annual bonus, increments etc. are processed with ease. On top of this, the annual income statements required for tax purpose is generated for each employee professionally, timely and with full confidentiality. Such enhanced services ensure that HR professionals can focus on real HR work like staff training & development or compensation planning